Market Research

Marketing Research
In course of inspection to local market, industrial park investigation is the first step to help you to invest your business into Cambodia. Then we can assist you in a business tour to study and experience, of course to understand about recent situation we can guide you to visit the local Japanese companies

Software and Web development

Software and Web Development
We are expert in Website Development, Business and Database Application, especially for Microsoft Window Platform

Business Registration

Business Registration
Setting up a company in Cambodia can be a complex process, especially when you’re a new to this country, the culture, the language, the laws, etc. With Forval (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. You will get a one stop service on the following processes:

Camera Installation

Camera Security
If you are thinking about protecting or monitoring your property and people by using reliable quality of security equipment, you can count on us. We have experienced for years in camera security system. We provide wide range of camera security selection from the regular camera to HD camera.


Human Resource is the important element for the success of the organization. In Forval (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, we have a strong and professional team of recruitment consultant who can introduce the right man to the right organization with the right position. Understanding the need of our client both for Employer and Job Seeker is the key for success.

IT Support and Maintenance

IT Maintenance and Support
We can be a part of your business, we are professional to help your business  run smoothly. We are providing many services such as: